April 2016 Farm Report

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July 11, 2016
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July 11, 2016
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April 2016 Farm Report


The NZD has lifted over the last month and continues to perform strongly, continued strength will put pressure on the beef wool and lamb prices. Store beef market remains strong and global dairy prices have firmed with the end of the NZ Season.


Wharenui crops are looking excellent. To date 3,236 lambs have been killed this season and bulls that were not sold as service bulls in November have been carried through and fattened with the first line killed at the start of April.


Tihi-o-tonga pasture covers are holding. Drafting of lambs to occur this month and looking to sell all trade lambs before the end of the financial year. 35 Wagyu were killed.


On Ngongotahā Station, the balance of the lambs are slowly being killed and average carcass weights have almost achieved budgeted levels. Wagyu kill for the year is now complete. 3 sheep were shot at Ngogngotahā this month in the second week of April. Sheep were killed gutted and removed-a police reort was filed-Picture above is the Ngongotahā Station Farm Manager, Clive.