Creating Opportunity
by Realising our Potential

Our Vision

To be a significant contributor to the wellbeing and advancement of Ngāti Whakaue lands and people.

Our Mission

To safeguard and improve corpus lands, grow our assets, build capacity and increase the wellbeing of Ngāti Whakaue.

About the Incorporation

Nau mai, Haere Mai

Since its formation on the 26th of July 1960, the Incorporation has been in the farming industry and includes three sheep and cattle stations.

The Incorporation owns 3,000 hectares of land surrounding the Rotorua township of which 1,800 hectares is part of 3 sheep and beef stations, 600 hectares are in forestry, small parcels of land are under lease and the balance is in native trees or riparian planting.

We receive lease income from telecommunication sites, rental properties, a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility and other small tourism operations across the whenua.

These activities contribute to providing benefits to our shareholders and Iwi through initiatives such as the Grants, Whenua Planting Project and Housing Strategy which is aiming to support those who need rental accommodation, those who are in a position to purchase a property, and also our kaumātua who may be amenable to papakainga options.

Purpose of Ngāti Whakaue Tribal Lands

The Purpose of Ngāti Whakaue Tribal Lands Incorporation is to:

  • safeguard and improve corpus lands
  • grow our asset base
  • contribute to increasing the wellbeing of Ngāti Whakaue
  • achieve owner expectations
  • provide opportunities for our future generations

Our Values

Kaitiaki – Aroha – Whakapono – Kotahitanga

Our Whakatauki

The Incorporation’s Whakatauki is Mana Whenua, Mana Tāngata.

We are committed to upholding the honour of both the land and the people.

Incorporation History

The Incorporation was formed on the 26th day of July 1960 through the amalgamation of 34 Māori land blocks held by Ngāti Whakaue descendants. It was formed to farm the lands. All rights relating to that activity were passed to the Committee of Management – the elected officials who run the Incorporation.

The Judgement says:

The matter has been traversed at much length over the last 3 years and the Court is satisfied that whatever they may one day say, the people now desire incorporation. Mr Tait’s statement probably puts the matter in the right perspective namely that Ngāti Whakaue are coming in as partners not as benefactors”

Another comment in appointing the committee of management highlighted the need for self-directed development saying, “This is one of the most substantial undertakings in the Bay of Plenty. Experience and ability are essential prerequisites to success” a decision on the appointment of the Committee was therefore delayed until a meeting at Tamatekapua Marae could be held.

Raniera Kingi made the closing comment at Court “We feel that neither we nor the Court can override the Act “the owners may appoint a committee”. Businessmen know nothing about farming – I have 25 years as a farming administrator.  A good businessman is useless”.

First Committee of Management

The First Committee of Management was formed on 20th February 1961 with the inaugural members being:

  • Frederick Bubb of Tokerau, Farmer
  • Piwiki Heke of Rotorua, Draughtsman
  • Alister Murray Linton of Rotorua, Civil Servant (he was then the Mayor of Rotorua)
  • Willie Rika of Tirau, Farm Manager
  • Tahi Tait of Koutu, Rotorua, Civil Servant
  • Huia Tapsell of Koutu, Rotorua, Civil Servant
  • Hohepa Mei Tatere of Dannevirke, Farmer

More information will be added to this historical account periodically.

Lands included in the Incorporation

The lands included in the Incorporation were:

 NameArea – acres only
Total area 6843 acres
1Tihiotonga C2B1096
2Wharenui A3598
3Wharenui B339
4Puketawhero B6A72
5Puketawhero B7A27
6Puketawhero B7B182
7Rotomahana Parekarangi 4 (Omarukotuku)487
8Okoheriki 1K North 15
9Okoheriki 1K North 25
10Okoheriki 1K North 35
11Okoheriki 1K North 45
12Okoheriki 1K North 55
13Okoheriki 1K North 65
14Okoheriki 1K North 725
15Okoheriki 1K North 833
16Okoheriki 1K North 970
17Okoheriki 1I East 2139
18Rotohokahoka F4487
19Rotohokahoka F353
20Okoheriki 1H North 298
21Okoheriki 1K North 416
22Okoheriki 1K North 749
23Okoheriki 1K North 814
24Whakapoungakau 16/2B 2G1 residue53
25Wharenui A1 residue542
26Wharenui A2 residue676
27Puketawhero A2A1 residue30
28Puketawhero A2B2 residue132
29Puketawhero A1 sec 9/10A1 residue73
30Part Puketawhero A1 sec 9/10A3 residue95
31Part Rotohokahoka F8393
32Part Okoheriki 1H North 8 1B42
33Part Rotohokahoka E26
34Ngāti Whakaue Block966
This block was formed on 1.10.1958 from the following: Part Puketawhero A2B1, suburb of Rotorua sections 53, 54, 56. Tihiotonga C1, C2A and D blocks