October 2014 Farm Report
October 7, 2014
December 2014 Farm Report
December 7, 2014
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November 2014 Farm Report


With 50+mm of rain over all WFL farms in November pastures covers has increased pasture growth rates considerably.

Service bull sales have exceeded budget by 41% at Wharenui with a total of 495 bulls sold. The net sale price has also exceeded budget by 3%. The first of the Wagyu x steers have been sold, but marbling scores are slightly lower than desired and net value well under current spot market prices.

We made the decision to wean early at Tihi-o-tonga to get the lambs off their mothers and allow the ewes to regain some condition. We have weaned at Ngongotaha, with fewer lambs sold at weaning than forecasted.

We have started irrigating the trufferie.

We will be commencing advertising the vacant Tihi-o-tonga manager’s role next week. We would expect to have a short-list by 20th Dec, with interviews to commence in the second week of January.

We have had a single non-injury incident on farm since the last board meeting.

The current reforecast of the budget is projecting a slight decrease in FY profit for the farms. This is due to increases in beef revenues and lowering of some operating costs offset by lower lambing, higher ewe deaths and by bringing capital costs into the operating budget.