Ihakara Pene receives Whakaue Farming Scholarship
June 17, 2015
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July 2015 Farm Report
July 24, 2015
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June 2015 Farm Report

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Regular Rainfall has kept the grass growing despite the recent conditions.

Lambs have been growing well at Wharenui and lamb price is lifting slightly. We have now all but completed the sheep and cattle kill for the year.

The balance of the MA ewes and 2-tooths are on their last rotation before being set stocked for lambing.

The 150 carry-over dairy cows are doing an invaluable job of cleaning up rank feed on the lambing country. Ewes have been put through, rotationally grazed through the hill paddocks to pick out the best of the pasture with the carry-over cows following behind to clean up the rank feed.

Not only are the carry-overs cleaning up rank feed which would otherwise largely be un-utilized they are also providing much greater quality and quantity of pasture regrowth for lambing

Overall, the farms are performing well and are in good shape to enter the new financial year.

Two new tractors have been ordered for the Farms.