What Grants are available?

  • Tangi Grants: $300 available on application for a deceased Shareholder within the first 6 months of the Tangi occurring.
  • Health Grants: $300 available for any personal health related matter upon production of receipts (shareholders only).
  • Discretionary Grants: These Grants are for requests that specifically align to a Ngāti Whakaue Kaupapa and enables NWTL to lift its profile in the community.

Please note: The Incorporation does not give Grants for Birthdays, Sports or Education.

Who can apply?

  • Any Shareholder of Ngāti Whakaue Tribal Lands Inc. may make one application a year only.
  • Only one application per Whānau trust will be accepted each year. The application can be made by an individual however the application must be signed by at least 2 of the whānau trustees and the applicant must provide the evidence of who the trustees are. (If the applicant is one of the trustees then two others must certify).

What will I need?

  • You must complete the application form. Please note: All Incorrectly completed or Incomplete forms will be rejected & NWTL will not be seeking further information.
  • Applicants must include Identification, Bank Account Details and Receipts with this application in order for it to be processed and approved.
  • You must declare on the application form any other organisations you have sought funding from.

How are the applications processed?

  • The Grants Committee meets two monthly to discuss applications– their recommendations are then put to the Committee of Management for approval. Staff can give you an indication as to when they meet. There will be no urgent requests and the decision is final. 
  • You will be advised of the outcome by letter or email and no correspondence will be entered into once the decision has been made.
  • Any approved grants will be paid to the applicant’s bank account – we will not operate a cheque account. Please note we only reimburse costs already paid for in the case of Health Grants.
  • Any recipients of large grants (more than $2000) will be requested to report to the Incorporation on the use of those funds.
  • A list of recipients will be published each year in the Annual report – all recipients who apply do so on the basis that this will occur.