Feb – March 2017 Farm Report

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Feb – March 2017 Farm Report




Wharenui Station: We have had significant rain over the past 6 weeks and feed is in abundance. Maintaining pasture growth rates and quality has been challenging due to unseasonal weather. Winter Kale crops are looking excellent and Hay & Silage is in line with last season. YTD sales have averaged above budget. The sheep yeards at Wharenui have been revamped with a new diamond, drafting and drenching race. All works completed by farm staff meaning only additional cost is materials which have been included in the R&M fencing budget.


Tiwi-O-Tonga Station: Have now sold 1,567 lambs to date. Carcass yields continue to average above the yield target. Total lamb production has significantly increased at Tihi-o-Tonga in recent years. We are confident that improving management systems, genetics and feed quality will allow access weights to continue to lift as we head forward.


Ngongotahā Station: Have had 551m of rain at Ngongotaha since 1 Jan which is contributiong to the good feed covers and good ewe condition. We have cleaned out the main culverts under the race up Ngongotaha. This will complete the track maintenance for the year (baring any major contingent issues).